Turning the Heat Down on Planet Earth

Hatred never ends through hatred.
This is a timeless truth:
hatred ends through love alone.

Many here do not realise that we die.
For those who penetrate this,
their quarrels end. (6)

(Dhammapada, verse 5& 6. Translated by Christopher Ash)

“It would be quite wrong to try to evade and to suppress the thought of death, and it would be quite morbid to brood over this inescapable fact. Death is not the end of Being; it may the end of some sort of being. Being remains unaffected by death; only that which is fictitious, sham, is continuously dying. Hence the thought of death is rather a powerful stimulus that brings me back to myself as the unique occasion for the search for the meaning of life, and it makes me recognise the importance of this very moment, as it highlights the real possibilities that are still before me. It is in the light of death that I am prompted to act in such a way that, should death strike, my life may have had some total significance.”
– Herbert Guenther, in Longchenpa Rabjampa’s Kindly Bent to Ease Us Vol.1

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Test Post

Hi, I’m still setting up. Things are slow, but steadily moving forward. May you keep safe and well, in these difficult times. 28th.

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